India's knowledge system - A needed approach in NEP2020 to regain the deep roots of our nation- India


  • Sudhakar K Vadaranyam College of Education, Tiruvallur district, Tamilnadu, India



"Ingrained in India" is a significant idea established in the New Education Policy of 2020 as a critical component of new education in India. To support a comprehensive, inclusive, and culturally rich educational experience, this idea is weaved throughout the NEP. The phrase represents an educational philosophy that is closely linked to India's rich intellectual, historical, cultural, and spiritual legacy. "Ingrained in India" is a cornerstone of NEP 2020 and will have a significant impact on the composition and design of the upcoming educational framework. Groundedness in India is a deep idea that transcends simple political or geographic connections. It encompasses a profound kinship with the intricate web of Indian customs, values, knowledge, and spirituality as well as a feeling of eternal belonging. I shall examine the cultural, historical, philosophical, and spiritual foundations of Ingrained in India in this article as I dig into its many facets as understanding cultural diversity, Historical continuity, Understanding Spirituality and Philosophy of our country, and the importance of Inculcating Ethical and Moral values among our future generation.


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National Education Policy, Indian Knowledge System, Cultural diversity, Historical continuity, Ethical and Moral values




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